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The words, Thank you, just doesn't sum up the gratitude that we have for all who came out for another incredible energy-filled Pull Up Park Jam event. The turn out for PUPJ 2019 was by all means, special!!! There were many powerful moments that embodied what Pull Up Park Jam is all about. To all the new comers, we thank you for sharing the experience with us and look forward to seeing you again. You all came in as strangers to complete, yet left as PUPJ family, we thank you all for your presence. To all those who came out to spectate, your show of support and motivation was key, adding to the energy that we had out there that day. You could have been anywhere, but you choose spending your time with us, and we thank you for that. Finally, to the 2019 officials again I say Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! These competitions cannot continue to go on without your due diligence, professionalism, and integrity. Snoop, thank you for taking the lead and running the event, PUPJ is so honored to have had you apart of the team and we are exceptionally proud of how you handled yourself.  Again Pull Up Park Jam would like to thank you all for your attendance and making the day what it was.

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Body Built Beautiful By the Bar, aka 5B's Productions would like to thank each & every one whom supported our Pull Up Park Jams since it's inception in 1998 at 21's Park (J. Robinson Park) and throughout the years to Lincoln Terrace Park. Salute all of our Competition Alumni.

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