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Pull Up Park Jam Inc would like to thank every competitor, spectator, and supporter that shared in celebrating 2018, our monumental 20th year anniversary. We will continue to push the calisthenics community forward in the years to come.


The words, Thank you, just doesn't sum up the gratitude that we have for all who came out for another incredible energy-filled Pull Up Park Jam event. The turn out for PUPJ 2019 was by all means, special!!! To all the new comers and all those who came out to spectate, we thank you for sharing the experience with us. You all came in as strangers to complete, yet left as PUPJ family. To the 2019 Officials again we say Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! These competitions cannot continue to go on without your due diligence, professionalism, and integrity.  Again Pull Up Park Jam would like to thank you all for your attendance and making the day what it was.


What an incredible turn out PUPJ Winter Reps 2019 was!!! There were many powerful moments that embodied what Pull Up Park Jam competitions are all about. We sincerly would like to thank you all for your attendance, your positivity, your motivation, your energy, and for sharing the day with us.

Next up in June is PUPJ Chicago 2019


Our 5B's 20th year anniversary, PUPJ 2018 competition in August was nothing short of amazing. The energy at Lincoln Terrace Park from all the competitors who traveled from as far as California, was electrifying to say the least and well appreciated by us. Thank you all for being part of this monumental event worthy of a stamp in the history books. Its because of you all that these events could even be successful!

In 2017, we dodged a torrential rainstorm a few hours before our competition. This year we weren't so lucky, but we were loved. Pull Up Park Jam Inc (PUPJ) would like to thank each and everyone that braved the wet weather and came out to PUPJ Chicago 2018 at Harrison Park. Although the rain threw us off schedule, it didn't stop the show as our crowd traveled (from Canada to Florida and New York to California) to put in WORK!!! Congratulations to all the competitors, NOT JUST THE TROPHY HOLDERS, but each and everyone confident enough to compete amongst their peers, you are all winners.✊🏽🏆🥇🥈🥉💪🏽

Winter Reps 2018, another Pull Up Park Jam Inc event in the calisthenics history books. Thank you all for your attendance, your positivity, and your motivation, the park was brimming with heat from your energy. Pull Up Park Jam thanks each and every one of you for sharing the day with us. Special thanks to the PUPJ Winter Reps Officials. Without the due diligence of these men & women, the success of this competition couldn't have been possible. Call us crazy for having a outdoor calisthenics competition in February, and we'll call you ludicrous for participating 👍😃👍. Promoting community, solidarity, and unity through participation, The Cold Stops Nothin is Winter Reps motto and you all proved that, Pull Up Park Jam Inc salutes you. 

Body Built Beautiful By the Bar, aka 5B's Productions would like to thank each & every one whom supported our Pull Up Park Jams since it's inception in 1998 at 21's Park (J. Robinson Park) and throughout the years to Lincoln Terrace Park. Salute all of our Competition Alumni.

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