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Event Results

Pull Up Park Jam Inc would like to thank the 2018 PUPJ Competitors, Champions, and new Alumni of each event.


NOTE: Results are based on judge's criteria,

  not actual exercise movements
(ex: a competitor may have done 40 push ups and judges only counted 34)


2019 Chicago Pull Up Park Jam Medals by Division.

PUPJ Winter Reps 2019 RESULTS FLYER IG.j


At the end of it all, we count our blessings, relish the day, compare & improve results, and get back to grinding with the community we love.  The Cold Stops Nothin is the motto and you all proved that. Pull Up Park Jam Inc salutes everyone who participated, spectated, supported, and made PUPJ Winter Reps 2019 a successful event!


Pull Up Park Jam Inc would like to thank everyone who participated, spectated, supported, and made our 20th yr anniversary  competition such a special & successful event! Unfortunately due to the monsoon rainstorm we got hit with towards the end of PUPJ 2018, all our records were wet and dried fused together. Therefore full details of the competitors results will not be posted. As Melissa, one of our competitors wrote, "maybe it’s a sign that the numbers are not as important as the experience itself of the community gathering in fellowship setting our pride aside and training the spirit with humbleness", and we couldn't agree more. 🦋💜 THANK YOU ALL!!!



In 2017, we dodged a torrential rainstorm a few hours before our competition. This year we weren't so lucky, but we were loved. Pull Up Park Jam Inc (PUPJ) would like to thank each and everyone that braved the wet weather and came out to PUPJ Chicago 2018 at Harrison Park.

Although the rain threw us off schedule, it didn't stop the show as our crowd travelled (from Canada to Florida and New York to California) to put in WORK!!! Congratulations to all the competitors, NOT JUST THE TROPHY HOLDERS, but each and everyone confident enough to compete amongst their peers, you are all winners.✊🏽🏆🥇🥈🥉💪🏽

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Body Built Beautiful By the Bar, aka 5B's Productions would like to thank each & every one whom supported our Pull Up Park Jams since it's inception in 1998 at 21's Park (J. Robinson Park) and throughout the years to Lincoln Terrace Park. Salute all of our Competition Alumni.

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