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What an incredible turn out PUPJ Winter Reps 2019 was!!! There were many powerful moments that embodied what Pull Up Park Jam is all about. All the new faces braving NYC's weather to compete. Coming in as complete strangers but leave as PUPJ family, we thank you all for your presence. The women of PUPJ put on a competition in their own right crushing personal goals and reaping the benefit & experience of going up against theirs peers. Iron sharpens iron!!! The tenacity and sheer will to do their best by a few of our competitors who one may think is handicapped with injuries or disabilities, but in essence was stronger than the average. Lastly with Pull Up Park Jam acknowledging our fellow peers in our Bar Community making a difference with our PUPJ Honors segment.


Special thanks to the PUPJ Winter Reps Officials that made this all happen. Without the due diligence of these men & women, the success of this competition couldn't have been possible. We capped the competitor slots at 50 and with the 4 divisions we had (Junior, Women, Men lightweights, and Men heavyweight) an impressive 47 competitors. Pull Up Park Jam would again like to to thank you all for your attendance, your positivity, and your motivation, the park was brimming with heat from your energy. Again Pull Up Park Jam would like to thank all for your attendance and sharing the day with us. 

Nuri Shakoor

Urban Art Photography By Nuri & AFS Data

Body Built Beautiful By the Bar, aka 5B's Productions would like to thank each & every one whom supported our Pull Up Park Jams since it's inception in 1998 at 21's Park (J. Robinson Park) and throughout the years to Lincoln Terrace Park. Salute all of our Competition Alumni.

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